Prince (First Show) - Marquee Theatre - 4/30/2013

Marquee Theatre
April 30, 2013

His Royal Purpleness reigned supreme at Marquee Theatre last night, and like most of the people who saw him there, I'm still taking it all in. We just saw a legend perform at a mid-sized venue and we were close enough to actually see his face (when he wasn't hiding in the shadows.) The ticket prices were a steep $277, but how often are you going to have an opportunity to see Prince perform outside an arena or a music festival?

Money was the question on everyone's minds at the show. I heard a few people grumbling about the cost on the way back to the car, but if you're a huge Prince fan -- like the lady behind me, showing off her tattoo -- the intimate setting and large selection of non-hit songs was absolutely worth it.

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Melissa Fossum
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