Punk Band This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb Forces Airport Evacuation

Or at least a sticker with their name on it did:

"A bicycle with a sticker advertising a Florida punk-folk band forced the evacuation of a Memphis, Tennessee airport terminal late Monday afternoon, authorities said.

A pilot alerted airport police when he saw a bike with a sticker that read "this bike is a pipe bomb" parked near the passenger ramps of Terminal C at Memphis International Airport, according to the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority.

"Terminal C ticketing and baggage claim at the airport were cleared out," said airport spokesman John Greaud. "A K-9 unit responded and found no explosive materials at the scene."" - CNN

Formed 12 years ago in Florida, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, was one of the pioneers or "folk-punk" and is a major influence on bands such as Against Me! and even Phoenix acts Andrew Jackson Jihad and Liars Handshake. 

This is not the first time stickers advertising the band have caused problems. In 2006, both Saint Joseph's University and Ohio University evacuated parts of their campuses because of bikes with the band's sticker on it.

Clarification: This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb formed in 1997, 4 years before 9/11 and the modern concerns about terrorism and is no way a reference to Middle East terrorists.

Writers Note: Stories about this band like this always remind me of the first The Stiletto Formal demo that was titled "This Song Can't Be About Blowing Stuff Because of Terrorism." How long do we have to wait 'til blowing up stuff can be fun again?  

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