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Punk Bunny

Punk Bunny peddles smutty, slutty, über-cheesy ear candy that sticks to orifices like a pink feather boa on a fresh fly strip. But the Hollywood trio's throbbing love songs about blowjobs, prostitution, and mustache rides are too silly to sicken — their odes to oral joy would fall in the "novelty" section rather than the "nasty" section at an adult emporium. Think of them as the penis-shaped popsicles and frosted boob cakes of electronic music. "It's fun right between your buns," guitarist and lead singer Luigi promises on the "The Price Is Right," before asking, "Do we have a connection? I have an erection." The evidence of Punk Bunny's modus operandi is in its album titles — A Hole Is a Hole (2007) and the recently released Take It! The band's musical monotony (same digital sex beat and deadpan delivery on almost every song) is tempered by the members' flash and flair onstage — between Luigi, bassist/vocalist Jizzmin, and keyboardist/vocalist Pinky, the live show becomes a choreographed freak circus where messy sex talk mingles with anarchistic acrobatics. You won't find anything like that at your local porn store, unless somebody's made a flick called Disco Gang Bang: The Musical.
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