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Punk Fiesta

While my esteemed blogging colleague (blog-eague?) Stephen Lemons has been busy picking fights with the fiesty commentators at, I've had my ears glued to the formidable portal's latest compilation of local punk bands, AZPunk.comp V5, which will have its release celebrated Friday night at The Sets in Tempe. This time around the comp's stuffed with 38 freakin' tracks, proving that AZPunk isn't just a place for teenagers to talk shit; that may be its most obvious use, but the site's truly become the heart of the punk rock community. Standouts include Numbers on Napkins' "Another Song MRR Won't Like," Labor Party's "Beat Bored Broken and Burnt," Smoky Mountain Skullbusters' "The Real Deal," and the three songs below that AZPunk's triad of overlords - Chris, Brian, and Micah - were kind enough to let us preview for you. Don't miss the free show Friday, with five bands that appear on the comp: Nunzilla, the Frat Boys, One Bullet Left, Rotten Youth, and Tweeker Chic.

Casket Life - "Shit's About to Get Romantic":

SDA - "Mic Spear":

Liar's Handshake - "Trading In Your Friends For a White Belt and a $60 Haircut":

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Brendan Kelley