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Punk Rock Karaoke

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage singing with your favorite band? Sure you have. Pretty much everybody dances in their underwear, crooning into a hairbrush/spatula/spoon -- whether they'd admit it or not. Some of the punk-rock elite decided it'd be hella fun to let fans live out their dreams, to trade in the hairbrush for a real microphone, and formed the Punk Rock Karaoke band, which has had a revolving door of rock stars -- from Marky Ramone (the Ramones) to Fat Mike (NOFX). The current lineup is guitarist Greg Hetson of Bad Religion and Circle Jerks; MC and guitarist Eric Melvin of NOFX; drummer Derek O'Brien of Social Distortion, D.I. and Agent Orange; bassist Steve Soto of the Adolescents, Agent Orange and 22 Jacks; and some lucky audience members on vocals. The band will play classic punk songs including tunes by the Stiff Little Fingers, Iggy Pop, and the Sex Pistols. To learn the words and learn about the artists, hit up www.punkrockkaraoke.com.
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Chelsea Mueller
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