Q & A: Every Avenue

Local bands shine through in Fearless Records-signed Every Avenue, a pop punk quintet from Michigan who's coming to Martini Ranch in support of The White Tie Affair Wednesday, November 11.

The guys in Every Avenue cite hometown heroes Jimmy Eat World and Gin Blossoms as influences, and it's evident judging by the band's sophomore album, Picture Perfect. The disc, which came out last week, is a must for anyone's pop rock catalog, since it's full of catchy hooks and highly danceable tracks.

Up on the Sun caught up with vocalist Dave Strauchman, who also had great things to say about Valley band The Maine, now on Warner Bros. Records. "They're some of our great friends, and we've had a lot of fun playing with them," Strauchman says.

How do you think Picture Perfect showed growth from your debut album, Shh. Just Go with It?

It has more layers. It just flows better, and the songs have more depth. We matured as a band, and we spent a lot of time writing it. The songs are all different, but they all still sound like us. Some of our influences have shown through on this record.

Who are those influences?

Every person is the band is different, that's why it's so cool. We all really love is Jimmy Eat World and Gin Blossoms. We like 90's rock and that era. I like soul and R&B, including Sam Cooke, plus John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw.

Where do you draw lyrical inspiration from?

We go off of everyday occurrences and events and things that go on in our lives, and we try to relate to our fans. We don't just think to make up an idea.

For the most part, your album is up-tempo, but a lot of the songs are breakup songs.

You're getting the point across in a fun way, not just trying to make it a downer. Not every song about heartbreak has to be a slow, down song, some are more of a, "fuck you." The album's just catchy melodies and feel-good music.

What can fans expect from your live show?

I feel like that one of our really strong points is putting on a good, energetic show, and we sound really good live. People come up to us and say, "You guys sound better live than you do on your record."

Why should people pick up the album?

We hope people love the record. It's a record I would like to listen to, so if you want a good, catchy pop record, pick it up.

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