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Q&A With Eyes Set to Kill's Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, Who Are Nominated For Revolver's Hottest Chicks In Metal

You really don't need to spend more than, say, an hour in the Valley to notice that there are an inordinate amount of hot chicks 'round these parts. Who knows if it's the sunshine, the constant influx of new residents, or if cacti and oleander emit some sort of magical, hot-chick-creating gasses. Whatever it is, something about Phoenix either attracts or creates lots and lots of smokin' hot chicks. (We can definitely rule out the trusty old "something in the water" theory, since nobody actually drinks the tap water around here.)

The Valley metal scene proves to be no exception to the trend. In the past few years, Revolver magazine has featured Landmine Marathon's Grace Perry and sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez from Eyes Set to Kill in its annual Hottest Chicks in Metal issue. Revolver recently unveiled the nominees for its second annual Golden Gods Awards, and the Rodriguez sisters earned a nomination for Hottest Chick(s) in Metal. I asked the girls to do a short e-mail Q&A about the nomination, and here are the results.

New Times: How do you feel about being nominated for the Hottest Chick(s) in Metal award?

Alexia: We are really excited to be nominated for hottest chicks of metal award because it is our first time being nominated for an actual award. It came as a shock at first because we never thought people thought of us in that way, but it is still really rad. We don't even care if we don't win, it is awesome enough to be nominated and to be a part of the ceremony.

Anissa: I think its Awesome that we are nominated for the Hottest Chicks in Metal award. Especially since this will be the first time we've ever been nominated for any award. And its a really cool feeling that Alexia and I are going up against all these bigger bands that we like.

NT: Do you think it's sexist or flattering - or maybe both - to be nominated? (after all, there's no "Hottest Guy in Metal" award)

Alexia: I don't think it is sexist at all. A hottest guy in metal award would be cool. Maybe if they didn't call it hottest guy in metal though haha maybe if they called it Metal God of the Month or something lol I don't think there would be many guys that would want to be nominated for that kind of title featuring "hottest". There have been a lot of guys thinking that its funny that there would be such an award for chicks and that our music doesn't matter for a thing like this. But I think that our music is what has gotten us this far and if we didn't have fans and friends who appreciated our art, we wouldn't get the opportunity of an award nomination. Anissa and I are proud to be nominated, and can't wait for the ceremony even if we don't win.

Anissa: I dont think that it's sexist in any way at all. If anything its really good for the whole band, not just the chicks because its giving all of us good promotion.

NT: If there was a Hottest Guy in Metal award, who would get your vote and why?

Alexia: I guess if I absolutely had to pick a guy, it would be someone that I grew up listening to like teppei from thrice or dave grohl from foo fighters. Not because of their appearances or attitudes. They are both favorite musicians of mine that I loved and still look up to. They may not be the most metal, but they both have metal influences and even though both bands have settled down (genre wise) they still shred it up.

Anissa: Either Bass Player Eddie Breckenridge from Thrice or Bass player Dan Briggs. But its not just there looks that does it. Both of them are amazing bass players, and big influences on me.

NT: Care to do any trash talking about your fellow nominees?

Alexia: Don't really know any of the nominees except for maria brink who we love and played with on warped tour.

Anissa: No way! We are honored to be up against our fellow nominees. It will be a pretty tough lineup to choose from.

Catch Eyes Set to Kill live on Tuesday, March 16, when the Royal Family Tour stops at the Phix.

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