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Quarter Inch Crown @ Rips Ales and Cocktails

Are we allowed to be nostalgic about the '90s yet? Every 20 years, it seems we're allowed to look back and reminisce about the good ol' days — back when times were simpler and graduates got jobs straight out of college. And, hey, do you remember the whole unbuckling-one-side-of-your-overalls thing? That was cool. Portlandia might have claimed '90s nostalgia for Portland, but the dream of the '90s is still alive in Phoenix, too. By listening to Quarter Inch Crown, you'd never know the decade was gone. The Phoenix rockers carry on the tradition of grunge rockitude. The band's 2010 full length, Truck of Doom, was inspired by likes of Elliott Smith, The Avett Brothers, and The Police, the band claims, but the record worked not because of what the band wrought from those influences but because of the giant drums, distorted guitar tones, and angsty vocals. Listening to Truck of Doom, it's not hard to fondly recall those bygone days. The pants were baggy, the flannel was sweaty, but stuff rocked.

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Christina Caldwell