Queens of the Stone Age Bassist to Play Ten High Tuesday at Yucca Tap Room

Michael "Mikey Shoes" Shuman, bassist for hard rock band Queens of the Stone Age is headed to the Yucca Tap Room Tuesday night with his other band, Mini Mansions.

The band is on their way back from SXSW, and will be passing through Flagstaff and then Tempe before heading to their hometown of L.A.

The QotSA-tag probably causes people to expect a heavy, in-your-face, sound, but Mini Mansions actually takes a very different direction. Instead, they are poppy, and lighthearted.

Shuman takes the driver seat in this band, playing guitars, keys, and singing. With simple and catchy melodies, they are in some ways a throwback to the Beatles-era pop that seems to be re-surging as popular with indie kids once again.

And since it is Ten High Tuesday, you'll still be getting tunes from Matthew Reveles, New Times freelancer DJ Babynose, and this week, Sister Cities. All for free on a Tuesday night! Not too shabby, kids.

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