Quick Henry Hit Studio for First Full-Length Album

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While most people took some well-deserved time off to mark the Labor Day holiday, consummate Tempe blues rockers Quick Henry used the extended weekend to log in some time at the recording studio. Yesterday's session? Oh, it clocked in at around 13 hours.

I walked into a swanky Paradise Valley studio late last night to find an almost empty bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and frontman Kevin Redlich in the middle of tracking guitar for the band's first full-length album.

Redlich's sweaty brow and long damp hair were the only telltale signs that they had been there any length of time. His bandmates bobbed their heads intently as Redlich ripped into rocking riffs slathered in soulful stank. With closing time creeping up on him, he tried his best to squeeze in as many takes as he could. He tweaked and turned knobs, strings and pedals, locking up in his own world of anguish, glee, and who-knows-what-else as he tried to nail down a wicked sounding solo bit. After two years of waiting, he wants to make sure everything is just right.

"I've been wanting to do an album for two years, but I knew this band wasn't ready to make an album two years ago," Redlich says. After enduring several lineup changes, he's finally found a core he hopes will be around long after the record's year-end release.

"One of the things that I'm excited about in regards to this record is that it's going to show some stuff that we really don't show live," he explains. "When we do stuff live, most of the time it's high energy. But a lot of my influences are things like Sam Cooke, soul stuff, and jazz -- so there's stuff along those lines in it too. So you've seen our rock stuff, now here's a little bit of groove."

The band finally call it quits for the night but not before trying to get their singer to commit to at least a half day of more recording at some point this week. But with a string of upcoming shows, time is proving to be a precious commodity.

You can catch Quick Henry this Saturday, September 8, at the Sail Inn for the Apache Lake pre-party featuring The Sugar Thieves, Dry River Yacht Club, and Banana Gun.

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