Quick Henry's Musical Recipe: Equal Parts Passion, Soul, Jameson and Ginger Ale

Line-up changes and schedule conflicts over the last year and a half have slowed down Tempe blues rockers Quick Henry, but haven't stopped them from rocking out at local watering holes on a near daily basis.

At the helm of it all is vocalist/guitarist Kevin Redlich. Whether he's pulling double duty on Tuesday nights with acoustic sets at Long Wong's in Tempe and Old Town Tavern in Scottsdale, or rocking out with the full band at Yucca Tap Room, the busy schedule helps Redlich stay sharp, even when he's sloshed.

"Everything we do, we do with passion and soul," Redlich says. "Even when we fuck up; there's still a lot of energy [when we play.] Whether I'm crawling from the rafters at Roxy in Scottsdale or falling over drunk at Long Wong's, it's all done with passion and soul."

Quick Henry will be bringing some of that fire to The Sail Inn on Saturday, March 10, when the Tempe venue hosts their Spring Music Festival.

The set will serve as a warm up of sorts for that other concert weekend going down in April, the McDowell Mountain Music Festival where Quick Henry will be sharing the stage with Los Angeles Latino culture-clash project Ozomatli and New Orleans natives Galactic.

"We've been gigging a lot this past year, and one day this guy comes up to me and says, 'hey man, I'm with Creamy Radio. Just so you know our program director loves you guys, we all love you guys.

"They kept coming out to shows and asked us to get them a demo; luckily they liked it and helped get us on the stage for the festival."

Check out the show this weekend or the band's page for free downloads and hear the sound that Eric Palmer from Future Loves Past describes as, "Led Zeppelin meeting James Brown."

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