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Quiet Riot

Come on -- stop that Noize!

Firmly in the "what th . . ." category, Quiet Riot has decided to tour, gracing us at, you guessed it, the Mason Jar with its wacky homogenized heavy metal. Quiet Riot is basically famous for two reasons: losing founding guitarist Randy Rhoads to Ozzy, and being the first "metal" band to have a crossover No. 1 album, 1983's Metal Health. The band should have left it at that.

Instead there was a rock 'n' roll cliché slide into oblivion, starting with a quick, by-the-numbers carbon copy of Health, 1984's Condition Critical, which flopped. That album was followed by more commercial failures, which would never again match the chart-topping Metal Health, never even coming close.

Singer Kevin DuBrow's caustic remarks blaming anything but the band for its failure created a rift in the music community and with industry types. Said tongue-wagging eventually found targets in his own bandmates, making way for his removal from the band. Years later, DuBrow re-formed the dormant band to no success, and now, it returns with a tour of time-warp venues like the Jar featuring the "original lineup" -- the guys in the "Cum On Feel the Noize" video, anyway.

Dunno -- maybe DuBrow is trying to pay off that $100,000 lawsuit, in which a woman claimed DuBrow threw another fan from the stage and broke her leg.

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Jonathan Bond