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Radar Jamming

Mu-Fuckin' DJ Radar
Wow, that was a particularly uninspired heading for a blog post about one of the 'Nix's only superstars, DJ Radar. Astute longtime readers may already have realized that I've long been a homey of Radar's as well as a fan; I once took him back to my home state of Alaska where we drove nine hours on cliff-side roads in a January blizzard to get to a gig in Fairbanks on time. As Radar's Concerto for Turntable and turntable/strings projects have enveloped his professional life over the past few years (you can read about it here, here, or here), it's been increasingly rare to catch him taking it back to basics. But tonight you can catch him kicking it old school at Wishbone at Next in Scottsdale, along with Robbie Rob, Senbad, Maji, Benjamin Cutswell & more. If you've been reading about the classical/strings shit for the past few years and aren't quite sure how he originally made his bones in the turntablist world (Spin once named him and former partner Z-Trip amongst the five best DJ's in the world), here's an educational track for you off of the Bomb! Return of the DJ compilation (with help from Z-Trip)...

btw: here's how radar works (courtesy wikipedia) -

decipher this!

"Private Parts":

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