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Radio Phoenix Fundraising Update

You may remember a few weeks ago that Radio Phoenix was in a bit of a financial pickle. The station was in desperate need of about $1,500, so they threw a benefit show for the cause at The Rogue. In case you were curious how it turned out, here's the skinny.

The show pulled in about $1,000 much-needed dollars. While it wasn't enough to cover all of the station's expenses, it certainly made a nice dent. According to Vicotor Aronow, the treasurer for the Arizona Community Media Foundation:

"We hit a financial rough spot [in March,]...which we had not anticipated when we set up our budget in December of last year. [This was] for studio and equipment maintenance and improvements to provide even better service to our expanding listening audience. We have a number of new programmers and DJs going through our training program, and of course, we are always looking for more volunteers. We are hoping to set up a news department in the near future, and anticipate that we will have to purchase about another $1,000 worth of equipment for that, so we will be having a fundraiser garage sale, probably on May 22. We need to make room for the hundreds of new CDs that [national music director] Jeremy [Deatherage] is collecting every month, so we are going to move out our stock of rare and hard to find items, as well as computers, printers, and lots of other stuff that the staff and volunteers are collecting. Who knows, you may find that rare Manila Vanilla album that you need to fill out your collection."

So it looks like the station will be around for at least a little bit longer. Hopefully they keep spinning local music, and we'll keep an eye out for their garage sales.

Oh, and have they considered a car wash at Applebee's?

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Sarah Ventre