Radiohead: Really, What's the Big Deal?

There are certain artists whose appeal and popularity I could never seem to justify. To no avail, I've tried to be open-minded and give them a chance time and time again.

I'll never know why the whole world thinks Arcade Fire is the bee's knees. Nor do I think Lana Del Rey's music is anything special. And apparently I've missed the Bon Iver boat, as well. At least I enjoy Fleet Foxes, but their music, you know, puts me to sleep.

But most of all, what's up with Radiohead?

While I haven't listened to all of their music (since it doesn't thrill me even the slightest bit), I have listened to In Rainbows, Pablo Honey, Kid A, yada yada yada, and I cannot, for the life of me, justify any of those albums being considered life-changing or insanely awesome. I don't understand OK Computer's place in The Canon, to boot. I've even tried waiting a few months between album spins in hopes that I'll like each album better than last time I heard it. Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck with that. The fact of the matter is that I like three songs by Radiohead, and that's it.

Aside from their hippie-dippy introspective anti-consumerism message that listeners get spoonfed throughout OK Computer, what credentials is the album left with other than a cool sound? Lots of albums have one of those, but that alone doesn't necessarily make an album great. Surely I must be missing something! Or am I?

Just because I don't like Radiohead does not mean I'm saying they're a shitty band. They're not a shitty band. They're just not for me. But that's exactly why I've decided to give them the ultimate chance to personally change my mind: I'll be seeing them in concert when they come to Jobing.com Arena next week.

Alright, Thom Yorke, it's on. Impress me.

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