Rapper Faces Explains "BMO," Set to Play Newly Minted Wall Street Venue

It wasn't so long ago that the ill-fated Yellow Canary Dance Hall closed its doors, but come April 28 the warehouse will be bumping live music once again.

Avondale rapper Faces will be on hand to lend his lyrical mastery, along with percussionist/beat dropper Yawning Boy, at the site being renamed Wall Street.

"I've been working on singles while we've been waiting for this next show coming up on the 28th," Faces says. "It's going to be Yawning Boy's last set where he plays live drums. So after the show we're going to start working on my full-length album and he's going to start playing beats on his computer and all that on stage, instead of on acoustic drums."

The formula was badass the last time we saw Faces and Yawning Boy, but with the sounds these two are putting out right now, the end result promises to be just as dope. Follow the jump for a video to the step-off track "BMO," as well as an explanation to the song.

The inspiration to me, behind the song is that, basically, I'm just me. I'm doing me and no one's going to tell me otherwise. I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game; not trying to be anybody else. I mention that a lot in all of my songs.

I tend to believe in myself a lot more than I care about other people believing in me. I do music because I feel good doing it. I do it for fans, yeah, but I'm not going to do it how they expect me to do it, I'm going to do it how I want to.

The name "BMO" is actually the sample Yawning Boy used. There's a character on the show Adventure Land called, Beemo. There's an episode where he's messing around playing a song, and I guess Yawning thought it was really cool, so he sampled it, flipped it and dropped a tune. That's how I came up with the song name.

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