Rapper Parker King Asks You to "Pass the Parm"

​​Wisdom suggests that ASU students love pizza, and a little time spent on this blog proves that they love making videos.

Local rapper Parker King is looking to take advantage of both. He's shooting the video for his first single, "Pass the Parm" this weekend.

The song was inspired by a familiar scene from King's apartment: a bunch of dudes sitting glued to the couch, glazed eyes fixed on stack of Domino's Pizza boxes.

It could all come off as some stoner joke after all, it's just some dude rapping about chain-restaurant pizza, but seeing King rap live paints a more complete picture.

He's mellow, sure, but there's a certain kind of energy to his lounging hip-hop style that really sells the song.

King's flow can be categorized as "frat rap" like  Mac Miller or Asher Roth, but there are nods to even "higher" stylists like Kid Cudi.

"B***h I'm proud to have A-D-D; Normal people smoke weed to day dream like me." Or high enough to think this much about pizza.

On Saturday, January 14, King is shooting his first music video. He wanted to go with something creative and visual. So why not a song about fine dining pizza, right?

Pass the Parm -Parker King

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