Rascal Flatts Will Say Goodbye to Phoenix This Year

Rascal Flatts perform in Phoenix in 2013.
Rascal Flatts perform in Phoenix in 2013. Bob James/Wikimedia Commons
Rascal Flatts perform in Phoenix in 2013. - BOB JAMES/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Rascal Flatts perform in Phoenix in 2013.
Bob James/Wikimedia Commons
They sang "Life is A Highway," and now Rascal Flatts are saying farewell to the road.

The country trio announced today on CBS This Morning that they are taking a break on the road after two decades of touring. The band will be making a stop at Ak-Chin Pavillion on Saturday, October 10, to say goodbye to their fans. When host Gayle King asked if anyone in the group was sick, vocalist Gary LeVox replied no.

"It's tough to outdo the tour you previously did the year before," he told King.

The Ohio band are going out on a high note. They were the top-selling band in 2006, according to Nielsen. Ten years later, they sold a total of 10 million concert tickets.

How do you get some tickets of your own? A sale date hasn't been announced yet, but if you want to get the jump on everyone and get some presale tickets, head to the band's website and sign up for their fan club. The least-expensive package is $20, but you get access to videos, contests, and other cool stuff.

Watch this space as more details become available.
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