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Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers

Ray Manzarek, co-founder of The Doors, and critically acclaimed slide/blues guitarist Roy Rogers, best known for his collaboration with John Lee Hooker, are performing at The Compound. Rogers recently told a California newspaper that the two men realize they've formed an odd musical coupling. "It's an interesting combination, seemingly incongruous to a lot of folks, but we get along famously," he said. "The music takes us in a lot of different directions . . . We play a little blues, jazz, classical, and some Doors — and then we open up to questions from the audience. Ray is very gracious about answering questions about The Doors, which is a fun aspect of the show." The two have been performing together for four years. They released a CD titled Ballads Before the Rain in 2008, and there's been talk about recording a follow-up sometime this year. "The CD was called Ballads, and that's what we did," Rogers said. "We did a couple of covers of Doors songs. Ray has a gorgeous version on the record of 'Crystal Ship,' really almost a classical piece. We really reworked the tunes."
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Kelly Wilson