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Reactions to The Clubhouse Closing on Twitter

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​It has been almost two weeks since gang-related gunfire erupted outside the Nipsey Hussle show at The Clubhouse in Tempe, wounding 15 and placing a scar on the face of an otherwise admirable venue.

Last Friday, owner Eugenia Ruven was arrested for "failing to properly follow the venue's security plan."

One of the suspects, 19-year-old Raynon Keswun Jones, is being held by Tempe Police on $1 million bond, two of the suspects are still at large.

Yesterday, the news broke that the venue is shutting down, forcing two dozen scheduled concerts to find new Phoenix venues. Count that as 16 injured and one casualty for the Phoenix music scene.

A "re-open the Clubhouse" petition has started online, to be delivered to Tempe city manager Charlie Meyer.

Here's what local music fans have to say about the venue's closing on Twitter.

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@blessthefall RIP The Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe. We had fun inside you. You shall be missed.

@CreamysCaptain Had all the comforts of Tent City

@AutumnsEnd once again Arizona legislation and mindless government ruin another part of the AZ music scene and its night life. Horns up Clubhouse

@LukeHollandd Wow, The Clubhouse closed down in Tempe, AZ because of the shooting. How sad man. I played a few shows there, was a great venue.

@guitarduane @NightTaco you could have told me the clubhouse closed a year ago, I wouldn't have known any better. when did it go hip hop?

@Wallace_Dee I saw @caribouband + @toroymoi at The Clubhouse and almost died b/c the venue doubled as a sweat lodge (a la James Arthur Ray).

@YoureMyBadHabit Ugh, I'm gunna miss the clubhouse venue in tempe. So many great memories there. Including my first show. How depressing. :c

@MartinCizmar "Of all the mediocre venues in Valley strip malls, The Clubhouse was certainly one of them." - @DanGibson520

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