Reatards Re-Issues Slated for 2011, Exclusive Songs Offered to Shattered Club Members

Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Jimmy Lee Lindsey, better known by his stage name, Jay Reatard.

This year will see a flurry of Reatard-related activity: Reatard's official site states that two songs Lindsey recorded two days before his passing, "You Get No Love" and "I Am Growing," are set to be released to members of the Shattered Records Club, the seven inch subscription service for the label Reatard started in 2004, and revived in 2009. The songs are exclusive to members, and will not be available in stores or digitally.

But that isn't all in Reatard-related news:

In addition to the exclusive seven inch, subscribers will receive a 14-song live LP, recorded at the Golden Plains Festival in Australia, as well as a watercolor printed on a shirt by artist Nicholas Gazin, who created art for Reatard's final tour.

The subscription is still available, and promises more goodies as the year goes on, including re-issues of records Jay recorded with The Lost Sounds and The Reatards, a band that featured local musician Ryan "Elvis Wong" Rousseau, who plays in Earthmen & Strangers and recently revived Destruction Unit, a band that once featured Jay Reatard as well.

The video below ought to demonstrate why that is really great news. Rest in Peace, Jay. 

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