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Recommended Roadtrip: Southwest Terror Fest This Weekend in Tucson

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In the past I have definitely bitched about how the Southwest gets skipped over by a lot of metal festivals. But here's some good news: our fair state is finally putting on one of its own. This weekend the Southwest Terror Fest goes down in Tucson, serving as a crazy-ass kick-off to the Halloween season.

Thirty-two metal bands. Two days. $15, total. And it's all only a two-hour drive away in Tucson.

The first ever Southwest Terror Fest is occupying Tucson this Friday, October 19, and Saturday, October 20, at The Rock, bringing some of the country's top doom, sludge, grind, hardcore, and death metal to the city. I'm sure the citizens of Tucson are jumping for joy. But really, any hardcore fan in the Phoenix area should be hitting up this festival this weekend. It's a must-attend gathering for anybody in the Southwestern quadrant of the metal world.

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The two-day festival includes headliners Hull, Sons of Tonatiuh, Bereft, Diseased Reason, Pigeonwing, North, Ladybird, and the curators of the event, GodHunter. It's a completely a DIY-run event, conceived and booked by Earsplit PR and the members of GodHunter.

Oh yeah; and anybody who buys the incredibly priced $15 ticket for two days through this link is automatically enrolled in a contest taking place the second day of the fest, where two winners will receive a massive merch package including shirts, CDs, vinyl, stickers and other swag from virtually every band performing over the two days. Oh yeah, and if you can get there as early as Thursday night, you can catch the Southwest Terror Fest Pre-Party, with some of the band members playing the fest DJing some of the best underground metal around--along with a set from the mighty Wrathgate at 11 pm, as well.

Here are my top picks for the top bands to see this weekend:

Clearly Godhunter, who is one of the more popular bands on the bill and natives to "Tucson, Terrorzona." They've described themselves as a hybrid between Red Fang, Black Flago, Down and Neurosis. The description checks out: They are definitely raw and unforgiving, with shredding guitars and crushing vocals.

Sons of Tonatiuh: These Atlanta-based doom/punk metallers haven't hit Arizona, and are curious to see what the scene is like. This three-piece band has a penchant for recording their stuff on vinyl; one of the reasons they are a fave of mine. On yeah, and the members also have a thing for Aztecs, vegetarianism, atheism, and long walks in the desert. A little tip for the metal ladies...


, or Take Over And Destroy, are a six-piece band from Phoenix. I swear, they are the epitome of an American 1970's rock & roll band trapped inside a Scandanavian death metal band from the 1990s. If that makes any sense...black 'n' roll sludge, if you will? Grab one of their albums at the show, because they have a new one coming out later this year. Plus, they have some killer songs parts integrated with a horrifyingly distorted organ. (

Check out our feature on TOAD.


Bloody Corpse Dismemberment, a band out of Prescott, Arizona, (surprise, surprise) pride themselves on being based off of truly young death, grind, and hardcore music. Think Mutts and Bloody Guts, The Clouds Are Coming to Kill Me, and other bands like that.

Swampwolf is a band from Flagstaff, and not only rock out like an old-school punk band, they destroy shit and smash things on stage like one, too. But don't let their gangly appearance and punk persona fool you; these black metal musicians can kill it with the best of 'em. A dark, heavy, black treat. Their debut album, The Brilliance of a Feral Mind, was released in 2011 and is a powerhouse of sound, showcasing short, punchy tunes. Check out their album here.

Here's the SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST 2012 Lineup:

Friday, October 19th [doors at 6pm] Earsplit PR Stage: 7:00 - Thorncaster 8:00 - Enirva 9:00 - Cave Dweller 10:00 - Twingiant 11:00 - TOAD 12:00 - Diseased Reason

Metalifestyle.com Stage: 6:30 - Yeti Ender 7:30 - Powered Wig Machine 8:30 - Methra 9:30 - Territory 10:30 - Anakim 11:30 - Hell Follows

Saturday, October 20th [doors at 2pm] Earsplit PR Stage: 2:30 - Blighter 3:30 - Monger 4:30 - Swampwolf 5:30 - Sorrower 6:30 - Seas Will Rise 7:30 - Rise Of The Willing 8:30 - Ladybird 9:30 - Pigeonwing 10:30 - Sons Of Tonatiuh 11:30 - Hull 12:30 - Bereft

Metalifestyle.com Stage: 3:00 - Why Bother? 4:00 - Blister Unit 5:00 - Bloody Corpse Dismemberment 6:00 - Lago 7:00 - Flying Donkey Punch 8:00 - Our Daily Trespasses 9:00 - Vanish Twin 10:00 - Godhunter 11:00 - North

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.