Record Heat: Alphabetical by Brad Dwyer

If you've ever spent any time in the Up on the Sun comments section, you know it can be a weird place.

We've had some pretty deplorable stuff in our Clubhouse comments -- stuff that makes you sort of shake your head and wonder if all that crap people say about Arizona being a racist wastehole is true. But luckily, the discussion isn't always so damning.

A couple weeks ago our own Lenni Rosenblum wrote a little op-ed about how she didn't "get" Radiohead, and then she reviewed their sold-out show. The resulting comments have been some of my favorite here at UOTS -- sure, some where simply "Yur dumb LOL," but plenty were honest, thought-provoking statements that I think contributed to the discussion about why you "have" to like any band or musician, the nature of "sacred cow" bands, and why Radiohead rules (or doesn't).

That said, Brad Dwyer wants in on the action -- so he's gonna trash talk your favorite band in this week's Record Heat.

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