Record Heat by Brad Dwyer

Record Heat by Brad Dwyer

In "Take it Or Regret It," one of my favorite pieces of music writing this year, songwriter and Seattle Weekly columnist John Roderick wrote:

Music writers aren't engaged in a conspiracy of bitterness and bad taste (at least not most of them), they're just trying to make their deadlines. When a male writer asks "What's it like to be a woman in a rock band?", what he's really asking is "What's it like to be a woman?" Seriously, he wants to know! Women are mysterious to him! If you waste 30 seconds of your life seething about his Neanderthal question, you've already lost the initiative.

That quote is taken a bit out of context; Roderick's column wasn't about gender roles, but the point made is too good: most of us dudes are curious about what happens within the nebulous realms of "the fairer sex," and most of us are totally clueless about nearly everything.

In this week's installment of Record Heat, our man Brad Dwyer ponders the finer points of an age old topic: What would it be like to be a cute lady in a rock 'n' roll band?

Record Heat by Brad Dwyer

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