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Record Heat: The Hangover by Brad Dwyer

See also: Record Heat, "Meta Commentary" Like haiku, the classic comic strip is simple, direct, and brief.

There's not room for the kind of exposition or development found in full-size comics or graphic novels. It's direct and to the point, a quick shot at a joke or a feeling. Like Mark Sandman's rickety two-string bass, the first Ramones LP, or Hasil Adkins' hastily cobbled-together rockabilly, its limitations are its strength. You don't get a second take with a comic strip. You don't get more than a few frames to create your characters, make someone notice, and tell your story.

Sorry for getting lost up my own ass. I've been reading selected poems by Kerouac (one of the American poets who reshaped the traditional haiku in his own jazzbo image) and traipsing around old Route 66. I'm back in the concrete box now -- and with another installment of Brad Dwyer's Record Heat posted to the blog, I'm finally ready to start the week for real.


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Jason P. Woodbury is a music and pop-culture writer based in Phoenix. He is a regular contributor to the music blog Aquarium Drunkard and co-host of the Transmissions podcast.