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Red Beans & Rice 2: Audio Vibes to Screen This Weekend at FilmBar

Listening to other crate diggers stories of amazing scores might be the only thing vinyl nerds love as much as collecting records. Jealously inducing tales of that time you found "that rare 45, for, like, 50 cents."

It's at once infuriating and inspiring, a little more fuel for the fire as you dig through dusty boxes at garage sales, record stores, and Goodwill stores.

"I'm a vinyl collector, and I love hearing about digging stories and experiences from other collectors," says Darrell D. of Jamille Records. "I would seek out these stories and find them on YouTube. I came across a lot of good stories, but they always seemed to be short and not have much detail. There are a lot of digging videos out there will celebrities, DJs, producers, whatnot. So I decided I'm going to make my own video. I'll make it an hour long, so people have enough time to sit back experience the whole culture of vinyl collection, and I'll delve into different collectors and talk about the experiences they've had."

The resulting film was Red Beans and Rice, released in 2010. D. speak with collectors from all over the country, including folks instantly recognizable to Phoenix collectors. D. is back with a follow up, Red Beans and Rice 2: Audio Vibes, and he's screening it Saturday, April 7, at FilmBar.

Red Beans & Rice (Record Collecting Documentary) from The Diggers Union Local 1200 on Vimeo.

Neither films focus on Phoenix specifically, but both feature DJs and collectors from here.

"Originally, it was going to be exclusively female collectors," says of the sequel, which features female collectors like Tara, Deseure, and Kimber Lanning from Stinkweeds in addition to male Phoencians like DJentrification and One Peso. "I couldn't get enough of them to agree to be on camera. There's enough of them out there, but not everyone wanted to get on camera."

Crate digging is often thought of as a boys club, and D. says after working on the first film, he realized he hadn't featured any female vinyl hounds, something he sought to remedy with his follow-up film.

"You never get to see that side...but this in one at least half of people interviewed are ladies."

The screening coincides with FilmBar's weekly dance night, The Palace, and D. will performing an all vinyl DJ set along side DJentrification who appears in the film.

The official Red Beans and Rice 2: Audio Vibes is scheduled to take place Friday, April 6, at the Hidden House.

Red Beans and Rice 2: Audio Vibes, screens Saturday, April 7, at FilmBar.

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Jason P. Woodbury is a music and pop-culture writer based in Phoenix. He is a regular contributor to the music blog Aquarium Drunkard and co-host of the Transmissions podcast.