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Red Bull 3Style DJ Battle Goes Down Tonight In Scottsdale

Jimmy Martin-Nelson (a.k.a. Death to the Throne) is a little hesitant discussing the success he's experienced in recent years as a DJ.

No less a source than the Web sites of Rolling Stone and Vibe have heaped praise upon the funky Phoenician for his remixes of songs by such heavyweights as LMFAO, Daft Punk, The xx, and Lykke Li.

The online music scribes of said publications won't be the only ones giving props to Martin-Nelson's skills, as he's likely to get his due during tonight's Red Bull Thre3Style DJ battle in Old Town.

Death to the Throne is just one of seven P-Town turntablists and club selectas involved in the contest at the Venue of Scottsdale, which will be judged by DJ Jazzy Jeff and a few local luminaries like promoter Steve LeVine and Emile of the Bombshelter DJs.

​The Pussycat Lounge's D-JR is also competing, as is Power 98.3's M2, the Blunt Club's Tricky T, Pinky Ring's Benjamin Cutswell, and PHX Nightclub's Robby Rob. Each participant gets a 15-minute set to "rock the party" and get the crowd behind them, utilizing songs from three separate genres and their inner talents.

The cat that survives the battle will claim a berth at the Thre3Style national finals on October 7 in Denver, where they'll go against the winners from such other 'burgs as Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, and elsewhere. (The worldwide finals showdown will also take place in Paris later this year.)

Tonight's spin showdown starts at 9 p.m., with Jazzy Jeff performing a special headlining set to cap off the event. Admission is $10.

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