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Red-Headed... Wait...

The Three Adams
I'm actually pretty relieved that '06 is in the books now; it was a pain in the ass year that I spent with a pain in the ass girl (who's history as well) and I'd just as soon pretend it didn't happen. In celebration of its ending, I hit up a bangin' house party in my 'hood, where DJ's Stefascope and KGB took turns with three-headed rock monster Steppchild entertaining the revelers.

The 'Child was still onstage busting out the power chords at midnight (I had to give bassist Adam Jacobson a sign language cue to wish everybody happy new year), and it would've been ideal if Jacobson hadn't specifically un-dedicated a song to me. He actually said, 'this is dedicated to everyone except for Brendan Joel Kelley.' I'm pretty sure it's one of the two songs posted below. But that pretty much summed up the year for me. This year I'll get the song.

"Rock Show":

"16 Year Old Lover":

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Brendan Kelley