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Red Letter Drive

Though a band's description of themselves is not always the most accurate assessment to go by, East Valley rockers Red Letter Drive seem to have summed up their own sound pretty well. "Sounds like progressive rock meets alternative rock meets pop-hard rock meets you," they say. And they nailed it. Well, with the possible exception of the "you" part. Set to release their second album in two years, the band has a few dates lined up for the month of September in places you might expect, like Flagstaff and Vegas. But don't worry — they won't be forgetting about the small towns. They're also scheduled to play in St. George, Utah, known primarily for the Southwest Shakes­peare Festival and its relative proximity to Colorado City, Arizona. (Tour tip: While you're there, try the Polygamy Porter beer. Tagline: Why have just one?) Hopefully they'll fare well in the Utah desert, but either way, expect them to get a nice reception on their home turf.
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Sarah Ventre