Redneck Country Singer David Allan Coe to Play Show at Redneck Pittsburgh Steelers Bar

Country singer David Allan Coe is an ex-con, a self-proclaimed "redneck," and a guy who recorded several racist and misogynist X-rated albums in his early career. So where do you book him in Phoenix?

How about a bar that caters to Pittsburgh Steelers fans?

As I chronicled in a cover story before the second Super Bowl "White Trash America's Team" stole (even the ref admits the team's rings from XL aren't deserved) these "people" aren't likely to be offended by Coe's bawdy lyrics.

Harold's Cave Creek Corral, a bar that flies the coal and yellow high and proud, will host Coe on Friday, October 8 at Harold's Cave Creek.

Personally, I like DAC despite the controversy he's caused, but getting me into a Steelers bar is a tough proposition.

But, don't worry, ladies, it's unlikely Ben Roethlisburger will stop by. If he does, however, maybe steer clear of the restroom to be on the safe side. Allegations and such, ya know.

Seriously though, Big Ben is more into the Steelers official band (I am not making this up) The Povertyneck Hillbillies.

Tickets are $22 to stand or $30 to sit. If you don't mind Steelers fans this will be a helluva show, well worth that price.

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