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Reflections on Clarity: Ben Collins of Modern Art Records & Chronic Future

"Clarity is an album that I have repeatedly gone back to over the years. It is still fresh and that shows as so many of today's bands are heavily influenced and inspired by this album. Because of that, it's finally getting it's due credit!

16-year-old kids will continue to re-discover this album as I did, and it will fuel crop after crop of rock songwriters and musicians as it has since its creation. For me, the bittersweet yet uplifting qualities of this album were the perfect medicine for teenage blues. And ironically, it continues to be a great dose for the adult blues as well! Clarity simply sets the standard for what melodic power-pop should be. It makes me proud to think that this classic album was spawned here in our very own Valley.

Cheers to you Jimmy Eat World for 10 years of Clarity and shining such a bright light on our beloved city!"

Ben Collins is one of the owners of the Phoenix-based label Modern Art Records. The label releases music for the Phoenix bands Miniature Tigers, The Medic Droid, Back Ted N-Ted, The Cover Up, and his own band, Chronic Future.

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Stephen Chilton