Reflections on Clarity: Evan Muhlstein

"When Clarity entered my life, I had been a part-time fan of Jimmy Eat World, ever since my brother (a member of a local band), took me to see them at The Nile. But Clarity is what changed my life. Along with a group of friends, we all fell in love with it. The album represented to me the friendship and good times I experienced during the discovery of the soundtrack of my life.

The hometown love and respect I have developed over time is that of a true and honest fan of the band. And it's all thanks to Clarity. Jimmy Eat World have this unique talent to, at the first note of a song, make me reflect on my life and look at things more simply and thoughtfully at the same time. I wish I could explain more fully, what it is I feel when I listen to J.E.W., but I can't. And to me that is the shine, the sparkle, and the luster of what it is that makes them true legends. At least to me."

Jimmy Eat World fan Evan Muhlstein is a 23-year-old, amateur filmmaker/photographer and entrepreneur to life.

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