Reflections On Clarity: Marty Welker

"Jimmy Eat World's Clarity holds a special place in my heart as I'm sure it does with the countless other kids who bought it in 1999 of which it became the soundtrack to all of their high school break-ups and inadequacies. It wasn't just kid stuff though because I found my mother listening to it almost as much as I was. It's a little hard to explain it's affect on me at the time. It really felt like a complete record owing to it's mood, sound and relevancy. I've always had an attachment to bands that make cohesive "records" instead of just a collection of songs. Needless to say, the record has stuck with me throughout the years and I still enjoy it just as much as when I was 15. I've seen the band a crazy amount of times and whenever I do I always have hope that they'll play more Clarity songs then they did at the previous shows.

I saw them in late 2007 at some weird venue in Mesa where I guess the initiative was to play a whole mess of songs they never play live. So I finally got to hear "Table for Glasses" and "Ten" live and I lit up like a stupid little fanboy. Not to mention they played "Rollerqueen" off of that Fueled by Ramen b-side I got when I was a sophomore. Plus Jimmy shows are always like goddamned high school reunions. That really acknowledges the impact they had on everyone when the record came out. I often predict who I'll end up seeing those nights and I am right most of the time. I'm sure at the 10th anniversary show this Saturday I'll see all the familiar faces yet again. My cousin is flying out from Tennessee just for the show. And did I mention fucking NO KNIFE is opening?!?!?!? Haha I'll see you there."

Marty Welker plays drums in Seconds To Breath and Civilia.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.