Reflections on Clarity: Rajiv Patel of Dear and the Headlights

"I remember being really young when the album Clarity by Jimmy Eat World came out. For me, it was the first realization that a band that lived in the same ZIP code as me could go out and make it. For my friends and me, it was an inspiring album, as I'm sure it was for many other kids that lived in Mesa at the time. Each song sounds unique and sends a different message although the album as a whole is very unified and cohesive.

Clarity influenced all Arizona bands one way or another and it influenced me big-time. I can recall countless nights driving and singing along to each track like "Goodbye Sky Harbor" or "Lucky Denver Mint" after I barely got my license. The  album has aged well in my opinion because it has tracks of loud blistering rock offset by quiet moments. It has something for everyone to relate to. Clarity will always be a part of my life because I grew up listening to it, its a beautiful album."

Rajiv Patel currently plays in Dear And The Headlights when they are on tour. He has toured with Jimmy Eat World both in DatH and with his former band, Before Braille.

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