Reflections On Clarity: Stefan Pruett of Peachcake

"The truth is, I probably don't know Jimmy Eat World's emerald lionized gem, Clarity like the rest of them out there. However, I must impart that the fact that it resonates with everyone from hard rock gurus to the disjunctive hipster DJ and Dance crowd is certainly characteristic of something that not only left a resounding impact upon the music world and it's respective walks and compartments, but also keen of something that has transcended the queued and even jaded musicians, fans, lovers, aficionados and 1337 proverbial panels of elitists alike that comprise this ever-changing, evermore hazy world of sonorous interpreters and scenes. It also doesn't hurt that Jim Adkins is quite possibly the most anti-rockstar, "Rockstar" that one may actually BE ABLE to cross paths with, and hold an intriguing and laxed conversation with. His humility and humbleness is so noble and undeniably noticeable. It actually makes one say, "awww!"

I first met Jim through Charlie Levy, when we were asked if we wanted to put out a split "Now we have Something to Celebrate," on the good 'ol classic Arizona label, run by the Phoenician himself, Western Tread Records. Much obliged, we did it, and ever since, Jim has been the downright sweetest, most luminously livened character that the rock world could ask for. Although my heart belongs to Bleed American, (yeah, whatever, you can throw your tomatoes at me now, but as "The Middle" so earnestly contends, I won't write myself off just yet), on this commemorative occasion, I have to just heave a hefty and heavy-handed helping of, Bravisimo! Fantastico! Congratulationo! To the fine soldiers of American Rock entropy and elasticity, who've truly helped every and any kid on the planet feel like they to, can one day become a rockstar, and that nice guys finish platinum. ;)"

Stefan Pruett of Peachcake has released music on Jimmy Eat World front man Jim Adkins'  record label Western Tread Recordings.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.