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Reflections on Clarity: William Reed

is arguably one of the most important albums of the nineties. Released at a time when grunge had seemingly faded into oblivion, rave was king and rock was getting boring, Jimmy Eat World released an album that had it all -- soul, genuine emotion, pop rock sensibility and punk rock appeal -- making it nearly impossible not to love. Jimmy Eat World made it OK for pop-punk to be emotional. And ten years on, Clarity is still as relevant as it was when it was released -- inspiring thousands of teenage boys across America to pick up a guitar and sing from the heart. As a fan, I'm truly honored to have shared the stage with Jimmy Eat World on several occasions as a DJ, opening up and playing in-between their sets.

Congrats on ten years, mates. Here's to ten more!"

William Reed is one of the best known DJs in Phoenix. He hosts the Saturday night dance party Shake! at the Rogue Bar now in its fourth year.

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Stephen Chilton