Remembering Robin Gibb, and Show Reviews of Spiritualized, El Tri, and The Dandy Warhols Over the Weekend

"The End of the Quaver," Robin Gibb's Greatest Hits

Robin Gibb, of legendary psychedelic popsters turned disco kings The Bee Gees, has passed away at age 62. If you first learned of Robin Gibb's deteriorating health from Facebook, it was through links to newspaper articles and not the usual reposting of YouTube music videos, in part because trying to come up with appropriate song to put out there proved difficult. So many of Robin's greatest moments were the ones when joy and hope seemed in short supply and death hung overhead like a beautiful dark cloud.

Check out Serene Dominic's favorite Robin Gibb songs.

El Tri and Chido Fest @ Comerica Theatre

In the buildup to last night's Chido Fest featuring Celso Piña, Inspector, and La Lupita, frontman Alex Lora of host band El Tri told us that the event would be a great chance to hear all sorts of variations of rock en español. The Mexican icon delivered on the promise assembling a blistering set that was part dance party, part mini-maelstrom.

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Spiritualized @ Crescent Ballroom J. Spaceman didn't say a word to the crowd. No small talk, no nervous chatter. Wearing a white tee and white jeans, with his eyes obscured by sunglasses, he stuck to the songs, mostly songs from the band's brand-new record Sweet Heart Sweet Light, though the seven-piece band (sporting two backup singers in white dresses) stretched back to the band's early-'90s roots.

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Dandy Warhols at Roxy Lounge

You'd be hard-pressed to find a band as crowd-pleasing as The Dandy Warhols. On Sunday night, the Portland-based quartet covered all their bases, unwinding into shoegaze drifts of fuzz that sent out waves of psychedelic charms, balanced out by catchy power pop sing-a-longs.

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