Representin’ Phoenix: Intrinzik at Volume

By Niki D'Andrea

Phoenix-based hip-hop artist Intrinzik is a consummate performer. Before Intrinzik took the stage at Volume, Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys jumped onstage and busted out a fierce freestyle rap that left the audience pumped up and delirious. It was a hard act to follow, but Intrinzik managed to pull it off.

Bushwick Bill gave a surprise performance before Intrinzik's set.

Joined onstage by his longtime friend and collaborator, Virus, Intrinzik soared through a 30-minute set of material, backed by hard beats and occasional rock guitar riffs. The duo jumped, pumped their fists, waved their hands, and walked through the crowd building camaraderie. The performance had been preceded by a set from Austin-based hip-hop group Kriminals, and Intrinzik and Virus gave them shout-outs and got the whole crew dancing.

Intrinzik rocks Volume.

Acclaimed underground Oklahoma rapper McNastee joined Intrinzik onstage for the last three songs, busting out some really nasty rhymes and encouraging some explicit call-and-response from the audience: “When I say pussy, you say lick! When I say dick, you say suck!”

McNastee joined Intrinzik onstage and got, well, nasty.

The last song of Intrinzik’s set was “My Favorite Song,” which he co-wrote with the late Proof of D12. He announced this before the song, and asked everyone who had love for Proof or had lost anyone to raise their lighters and cell phones high.

Intrinzik and Virus.

And everybody did. By the time Intrinzik left the stage, he’d clearly earned the respect of the crowd (and fellow MCs) inside the club.

View video from Intrinzik's SxSW performance below.

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