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Reubens Accomplice

It's rare when a show gets a rain delay in Arizona. This cozy local lineup was originally scheduled to play Day One of the Tempe Music Festival in the Marquee's small room, but when torrential rains prevailed for most of the day, organizers moved the last four bands inside, including headliners Cake, Ima Robot and the Ataris. Reubens got to play its original scheduled 10 p.m. time slot (with the more popular Ataris graciously agreeing to a warm-up position), but the other local acts were jettisoned from the bill, the ticket price was jacked from the original $6 to $20, and parking was no longer free.

"It was pretty confusing," says Chris Corak of Reubens Accomplice. "So we're redoing it as originally intended." Anyone with a ticket from the canceled 4/2 show will be admitted free, the free parking is back, and ticket prices have returned to the original $6. "And with the exception of Reggie [Patel of Before Braille], everyone on this bill has a member who lives in the same house," notes Corak, who rooms with Aaron Wendt of Ticker Tape Parade and Ian Stupar from El Oso Negro.

So why not just restage the show at their domicile and keep all the profits? "I guess since we're bringing the PA, maybe we should look into that," jokes Corak. "It would be fun to do a show in our cul-de-sac." But don't show up there unless you want to help them load and unload gear.

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