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Reubens Accomplice

There's something to be said for scarcity, the way something becomes more special as it becomes more unattainable. That's how it is with elusive Valley duo Reubens Accomplice, who manage to play out about as often as it rains here -- if even. Last time the band graced a local stage was with Calexico at the Marquee Theatre last year, so fans are overdue for their fill of Reubens' brilliant, goose-bump-inducing blend of daydreamy pop melodies, earthy indie rock drive, and sincerely sung narratives. That's not to say that Reubens hasn't been doing much since the 2004 release of its second album, The Bull, the Balloon, and the Family, on Western Tread Records. On the contrary, Jeff Bufano and Chris Corak have recently done two U.S. tours, and even hopped the pond to perform in the U.K., Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Now newly minted fans around the world can start missing them just like we do. For this performance, expect the addition of bassist Ryan Kennedy and drummer John O'Reilly for a full-throttle electric set that'll be worth the wait.
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Michele Laudig
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