Reverend Horton Heat’s Still Got It

By Joe Golfen

When a man in a loose button-up shirt and a cowboy hat first walked on stage, my first though was “whose that old guy?” But as soon as he hit the first reverb-soaked note, there was no question that the Reverend Horton Heat had arrived.

Playing a bright orange, hollow bodied guitar, Heat and his trio soaked the second stage with rockabilly virtuosity. The unusual amount of Betty Page imitators was explained by Heats appearance at the Edgefest, and he did not disappoint.

“How’s everyone doing tonight,” said Heat in a twanging draw, before looking at the still oppressive sun. “Well, even the day time is nighttime for me.”

His bass player blazed his way through the set, furiously plucking the long strings of his flame-covered stand up bass, before getting the crowd going with by standing on the side of his huge instrument

Despite his appearance, age has not slowed the Reverend down and both his frantic guitar playing and his gravely vocals are fantastic. And the crowd ate up his one-of-a-kind playing and his energetic show.

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