Richard Lewis to Unleash His Neuroses on Tempe

Coming from a long line of neurotic Jews and, on occasion, being one myself, I give mad props to anyone who can figure out a way to make a living out of doing what comes naturally to people who grow up with the guilt of the world on their shoulders and mothers who just do not know when to quit.

Woody Allen is the undisputed king, but he holds court with a pretty impressive cast of characters: Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Jackie Mason, Mel Brooks and Richard Lewis, just to name a few. And when two neurotic Jews combine neurotic forces a la Larry David and Richard Lewis in Curb Your Enthusiasm, well, it makes me, in the words of a famous fictional Jew, a little verklempt (talk amongst yourselves).

Lewis, who was also in Mel Brooks' excellent Robin Hood: Men In Tights and guest-starred as a rabbi on the Aaron Spelling schlockfest 7th Heaven, is bringing his shtick to the Tempe Improv this week from Thursday through Sunday. Have a nice bowl of matzah ball soup, go see Lewis, and don't forget to call your mother. (And if you still need a fix after that there's always the Seinfeld reunion on the seventh season of Curb).

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