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Rick Ross

Baby mama drama is all the rage when it comes to rappers. And like many rappers before him, Rick Ross is dealing with some major shizz. The burly Miami MC — who is signed to Def Jam Records and often hides behind a pair of sunglasses — is the father of Tiallondra Kemp's nearly 4-year-old offspring. The couple has been involved in a volatile child-support case for several months, prompting Kemp to release Tia's Diary: Deeper Than Rap, which was published with the help of Ross foe 50 Cent. It shares a title with Ross' latest disc, Deeper Than Rap. Kemp recently slammed Ross when talking to MTV News. "I just wanna let everyone know the real deal," she said. "He's trying to have this image where he wants people to believe he's hardcore and comes from the streets and lived a rough life. He's making up all these things." Yes, Ross' albums chronicle tales of selling crack cocaine; however, the rapper (who took his stage name from a drug trafficker) once worked as a prison guard. That revelation threatened to end his bad-boy image when photos surfaced on The Smoking Gun last year, but Ross' third album still features titles like "Rich Off Cocaine." Oh, and it sold well. Rap over rep, apparently.
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