Rick Ross: Teflon Don

As if it wasn't hot enough outside, Kidz Bop 18 -- eight-fucking-teen -- is one of the most hotly anticipated releases for today. Is anyone else out there counting down the days in July? 

What the critics are saying:

Baltimore Sun: "Teflon Don, his fourth album, isn't the exact culmination of Ross' ascension but it's undoubtedly another stellar notch in his ginormous belt. The key is its slim 11-song tracklist, a deft move that shows Ross values pacing and song selection"

Los Angeles Times: "His chimerical mythologizing is as stubbornly entertaining as anything James Cameron could cook up, but Ross also reveals an endearing peek behind the platinum curtain. The Cee-Lo-assisted "Tears of Joy" examines the perils of holding the top perch, while "All the Money in the World" mourns his deceased dad."

New York Times: "Mr. Ross, whose career has survived the release of a photo of him as a correctional officer, remains unbowed. "Self-made, you just affiliated," he raps here. "I built it ground up, you bought it renovated/Talking plenty capers, nothing's been authenticated." Depending how you look at it, it's either the sound of rich irony or of the triumph of being atop the new pecking order."

Entertainment Weekly: "Rick Ross is a competent rapper, but lyrics are by far the least important part of his appeal. 
That's truer than ever on his fourth and best album, Teflon Don. Ross' ear for lush, expansive beats has become keener and his industry Rolodex deeper, 
allowing him to make every track but the intro feel like an epic, costarring major talents like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, and Drake."

Teflon Don is out now via Def Jam.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.