Who Goes to See Rick Springfield in 2018?

There is literally only one reason to go to a Rick Springfield show in 2018, and that’s if you wanna hear “Jessie’s Girl.” What kind of person wants to hear “Jessie’s Girl” in 2018? People who graduated from high school in 1982 whose lives have been downhill ever since (although pretty much everyone’s lives have gone downhill in the last few years, so that’s relative).

We’ll give you another reason to get excited for Rick Springfield: he has a surprisingly robust acting resume. He started off on General Hospital in the early ’80s, just as his music career started popping off. Lately, he’s had a bunch of roles in prestige TV shows such as Californication, Supernatural, and the polarizing second season of True Detective. He also had a part in the Meryl Streep-starring, Jonathan Demme-directed movie Ricki and the Flash as a musician in the titular cover band.

Still not enough? The bill also features Loverboy, Greg Kihn, and Tommy Tutone, so you’ll be able to hear “Working for the Weekend,” “Jeopardy,” and “8675309” as well. That’s at least four good songs!

Rick Springfield. With Greg Kihn, Loverboy, and Tommy Tutone. 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 21, at Celebrity Theatre, 440 North 32nd Street; celebritytheatre.com. Tickets are $40 to $184 via celebritytheatre.ticketforce.com.

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