Rihanna Downsizes from Phoenix to Tucson

Rihanna's July 22 stop at Phoenix's Cricket Wireless Pavilion has been moved to Tucson, reports media down south.

Before you get your panties in a bunch about SB 1070 boycotts remember that Tucson is actually still part of Arizona (it's convenient to forget sometimes, I know) and that the venue she's moved to, Casino del Sol's AVA is apparently about a quarter the size of Cricket.

So, yeah, I'm happy to go on record as saying that Rihanna (pictured right contorting herself at a Phoenix show last year) simply can't sell tickets here. Nope, this ain't political.

Actually, though, which is sadder? Either way, the Valley's Rihanna fans will now now have to shut up and drive... south on I-10.

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