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Rihanna's Birthday Party In Scottsdale (Thanks to New Boyfriend?)

Rihanna reportedly celebrated her 22nd birthday in metro Phoenix over the weekend, at a party put together by her rumored boyfriend, LA Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. TMZ says Rihanna got a lap dance from a midget porn star at the Scottsdale bash (video here), which also featured Sprinkles cupcakes and engraved bottles of Ace of Spades and Johnny Walker Blue. How very Scottsdale.

Both Rihanna and Kemp have denied they're dating, but Angry Ape has a report about the soiree, which contains the following quote from a guest:

"Matt really wanted to do something nice for Rihanna this year since she didn't have much of a 21st birthday last year. It was just her closest friends, good Jamaican food, a photo booth, dancing, and a nice cake."

Is Kemp, who presumably is in town for the start of spring training, really in the Friend Zone with Rihanna? Sure hope not for his sake. But if he ain't gettin' any after planning a party like that, it's a sure bet he never will.

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Martin Cizmar
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