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Rizir's Edge

In this week's installment of my column Revolver, I take up with Zack Vinyard, guitarist for Glendale band Rizir, who's been arrested twice for disorderly conduct because his band was practicing at his house (at perfectly sane hours). The complainants, his neighbors to the rear, have called the Glendale P.D. over 30 separate times, according to one police report, and the poor dude's been cuffed in front of his three daughters twice now. It's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me, and the fact that the Glendale Police even responded time after time rather than tell Vinyard's neighbors to stop wasting their time and taxpayer dollars makes me suspicious that the upset music-hating wife, Carolyn de Looper, has some connections there via her position as director of the Arizona Supreme Court's Committee on Examinations and Character and Fitness. I don't think you or I would get away with calling the cops thirty times and get an in-person response every time. Anyway, here's a Rizir song for you - noisy, I'll grant you that, but no worse than the train that runs by my house at all hours of the night.


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Brendan Kelley