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RJD2 Announces April Show at Rhythm Room + Free MP3 Download: "Games You Can Win"

It may be too early to call it, but this spring already looks to be an impressive one for live music in the Valley. I know, I know -- it's not even 2010, but can't we just look ahead to March and April? The holiday season is notoriously thin for live music, and justifiably so -- unless you just happen to be a local band playing some shows close to home. We are forced to look ahead to what the new year will bring us, and that lineup just got another addition with the announcement of DJ/producer/performer RJD2 playing The Rhythm Room this April. Concert info and a link to download a new RJD2 song are after the jump.

RJD2 will be playing The Rhythm Room on Sunday April 4. Busdriver and Happy Chichester will be in support. Krohn will release his fourth album as RJD2, The Colossus, on January 19 via RJ's Electrical Connections (his own label). Tickets are $15 and info can be found here.

Krohn has graciously included a download link to a new track off of The Colossus, "Games You Can Win" (featuring Kenna). The song is a promising precursor to what the new album can be, and having Kenna on vocals helps boost any song's potential immensely, in my opinion (also, Malcolm Gladwell's).

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Michael Lopez