'Roadhouse' Themed Bar to Open in East Mesa Come October

It's safe to say that just about everyone wants to be a little more like Patrick Swayze in 1989. Those playful eyes, those luscious long locks, that talent for making the tightest pair of pants look effortless, even when kicking ass -- Yeah, that's a real man.

But perhaps Valley bar owner Joe Severs of AFAB Design is the late actor's biggest fan. His new 8,000 square foot east Mesa bar and grill, The Roadhouse Cafe and Double Duce, will pick up where the legendary 80s film left off. But hopefully it will be less, um... stabby.

"Roadhouse is not just a name. It's not just a title," Severs says. "It's an atmosphere. It's a history. It's the old Americana. It's a feeling. It's an era."

Certainly the theme is supposed to be kitschy and cheesy, but Severs is building the restaurant at 7000 E. Main St. as a serious business. With rock and roll shows, karaoke, live comedy and a super secret "date night," about which Severs wasn't ready to reveal details, he hopes to make it the premier entertainment focused venue in the east Valley. In true Roadhouse form, a game room, dance floor and expansive stage will also be added.

The bar will begin hiring staff in mid August (Hey, maybe you could be the "cooler!") and opens its doors October 1.

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